Barnabas Ministries

Our Mission:


Barnabas Ministries is a Christ-centered, nonprofit organization providing hope and encouragement to current and former prison inmates, so they can successfully transition back into society.


Our Mission

To help men and women upon their release from prison become productive citizens by developing a strong work ethic, necessary life skills, and a vital relationship with Jesus Christ.

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Our Impact

Over the past 30 years, Barnabas Ministries has had a significant impact on the lives of thousands of incarcerated men, women, and their families. Through our facility preaching and teaching ministries, we have seen hundreds of people get saved by placing their faith in Jesus Christ. We help prisoners become functioning and productive citizens after incarceration by rehabilitating and mentoring former inmates through a program of Bible studies, self-help groups, and employment training classes.



confessions of faith in jesus

We believe the number one thing that changes a wayward life is to be born-again by faith in Jesus Christ.



Years Serving inmates

We have been faithfully serving inmates primarily in Georgia’s Gwinnett County Jail and Gwinnett County Detention Center.



Bibles Distributed

We believe in the power of God’s Word and strive to distribute a Bible to everyone who requests a copy.


Our Programs

Evangelism is a key component of the Barnabas Ministries. The focus is to reach them for Christ and help them be successful when they come out. “There is something different about the Barnabas ministry that makes it stand out among the many prison ministries inmates encounter, said former inmate Roger Long. "You know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you've been touched by God through this ministry," he said.



Our volunteers hold Bible Studies four nights each week at Gwinnett Correctional averaging 25 men per session. We also conduct Library Evangelism at Lawrenceville Correctional each Thursday night, along with Church Services for men each Sunday evening with 65-90 attending each service.


The Louisiana State Penitentiary (also known as Angola) is the largest maximum security prison in the United States with 6,300 offenders and 1,800 staff. Our main objective when serving at Angola is ministering one on one with inmates, and leading people to Jesus. We also take part in service projects around the grounds.


This transitional facility located in Grayson, GA provides supervised temporary housing for men for up to 90 days. We provide, Bible Studies, Accountability Groups, Basic Life Skills Training, Vocational Training, Job Counseling, Family Counseling, Financial Counseling, andDrug and Alcohol Rehabilitation


There are also church services for women each Sunday with 6-10 attending, and we have seen over 50 professions of faith. Along with these regular ministry opportunities we also conduct occasional Baptisms, The Lord's Supper, Revival Services, Music Ministry, and other general chaplaincy services.


October 2017

“When Roger Long walked out of prison as a free man, he had his own modern-day Barnabas standing by to help him adjust to his new life."…




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